• Pure natural olive oil soap


    Amalthia Pure natural olive oil soap

    AMALTHIA olive oil soap against hair loss is a a traditional product, born and developed in the Cretan mountains, made after old recipes, that are continuous used until nowadays...

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  • Hand & body cream


    Amalthia Hand & body cream

    AMALTHlA hand and body cream consists of a great amount of pure nutritious ingredients (olive oil, vitamins A. E, F, H. silk olive, calendula. allantoin etc.). That is why it is easily adopted and...

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  • Moisturizing face cream


    Amalthia Moisturizing face cream

    Moisturizing face cream has a special 2nd generation hydrating factor which offers a 24 hour hydration. Made of olive oil, cucumber, red grape, orange,...

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  • Anti-aging cream


    Amalthia Anti-aging cream

    Offers 24-hour active facial care, thanks to the intelligent use of natural virgin olive oil and other ingredients, an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging action...

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  • Eye cream


    Amalthia Eye cream

    Intense eye care makes dark circles under the eyes disappear. It makes the skin around your eyes shiny and smooth like velvet. With its perfect composition based on...

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  • Moisturizing "MAX" face cream for men


    Amalthia Moisturizing MAX face cream for men

    Max face care for men based on biological olive oil and aloe, vitamins A, E, F, H, olive silk oil, almond oil and calendula is particularly made for men's skin and...

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  • Suncream UVA/UVB spf30


    Amalthia Suncream UVA/UVB spf30

    Ideal protection for skin exposed to intense sunlight. It combines a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system to immediately protect the health of your skin...

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