In Greek mythology, Amalthia (Greek: Αμάλθεια) is the most-frequently mentioned foster-mother of Zeus. Her name in Greek ("tender goddess") is clearly an epithet, signifying the presence of an earlier nurturing goddess, whom the Hellenes, whose myths we know, knew to be located in Crete, where Minoans may have called her a version of "Dikte". Amalthia is sometimes represented as the goat who suckled the infant-god in a cave in Cretan Mount Aigaion ("Goat Mountain"), sometimes as a goat-tending nymph of uncertain parentage (the daughter of Oceanus, Haemonius, Olenos, or—according to Lactantius—Melisseus), who brought him up on the milk of her goat.


AMALTHIA® brand name was registered in 1997. Vasilis Miriokefalitakis from Rethymno, Crete had the original idea which he implemented initially for himself as a way to stop his hair fall. So he started producing the AMALTHIA® natural olive oil soap with a recipe from old cretan tradition. After some years he enriched the AMALTHIA® line with the hand & body, moisturizing, anti-aging, eye and "MAX" for men, creams. Latest addition is the suncream with spf30.


Our products are sold mainly in pharmacies and biological product stores in Greece, while they get exported to Cyprus, Germany, England, U.S.A. and Japan.

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