Frequenly Asked Questions about AMALTHIA®


Why should I use a 100% natural product to cleanse my skin?

Because the chemical substances that most products usually contain may be harmful for the whole body, and some times this shows immediately like for example skin irritation, while other times its harms us on the long run. Specifically, chemical substances that a soap or foam bath may contain, so it creates more foam or have better smell are too caustic for skin flora, which results to its destroy and eventually passing to lower skin layers or even blood. It's obvious that if this happen, it may harm organs or whole organism from the inside.


Why AMALTHIA® has beneficial effects in the body for both combat exogenous pathogens and for skin?

Because natural ingredients that make it are nutritious for the body and benefit the environment. So we care and strengthen our body to cope with the negative influence of the environment and pollution but also from the negative bacteria that grow on our skin from the natural functions of the body. It makes sense that our skin needs to remain healthy and strong to allow the body's defenses. The skin is the shield of the body. A simple experiment we threw soapy AMALTHIA® to a plant. The plant did not dry and the fruit given are healthy, tasty and nutritious, full of beneficial ingredients. We repeated the same using common products and the plant died within a few days.

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