• amalthia suncream spf30 uva/uvb block

    New AMALTHIA Suncream spf 30 UVA/UVB protection

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  • amalthia natural soap hair loss

    AMALTHIA Pure Natural Olive Oil Soap against hair loss

  • amalthia body and hands cream

    AMALTHIA Hand & Body Cream

  • amalthia moisturizing face cream

    AMALTHIA Moisturizing Face Cream

  • amalthia anti-wrinkle, anti-aging cream

    AMALTHIA Anti-wrinkle Face Cream

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    AMALTHIA Eye Cream

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    AMALTHIA Moisturizing "MAX" Face Cream for Men


Welcome to AMALTHIA® official page!
Natural Olive Oil Hair Loss treatment Soap & Cosmetics


Here you will find all the information for our products, which are the pure natural olive oil soap against hair loss with wild onion and our natural cosmetics.


AMALTHIA cosmetics are real "jewels" for your make up and beauty. With nature as ally and natural substances, cosmetics of unequalled beauty and excellent quality are created. The perfect combination of olive oil and plenty of plant extracts guarantees your natural body, face and hair care. AMALTHIA's pure nutritious ingredients are so essential that it could be called skin nourishment, making AMALTHIA cosmetics suitable for persons with very sensitive skin or even allergies. With the help of intensive research the AMALTHIA family continues to grow, producing high quality products. Try AMALTHIA cosmetics today and start a new lifetime relationship, because ... AMALTHIA products are forever!


AMALTHIA soap and cosmetics are dermatologically tested and constantly checked, so you always enjoy top quality and safe products.